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The Companions of Ariya Institute
  • address : # 44 Noferesti Alley, Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran. PO Box: 1983915613
  • tel : +98 (0) 21-2240-3980
  • fax : +98 (0) 21-2240-3980
  • e-mail : MD@coariya.org
  • homepage : www.coariya.org
Iranshahr commenced in 1990 with a series of activities for conservation and protection of Iranian cultural and natural heritage in collaboration and participation of enthusiastic individuals and some organizations. In 2010 onwards, this group officially registered and continues to operate with its new name “Moasse e yavaran e sarzamin e Ariya” in Persian or/and “the Companions of Aria Institute” in English. Early 2012, the organization was re-organized by new specialized work-groups with its new experimental approaches while pursuing its activities.
Some of the most important and implemented activities were researches; like survey  on  Takht e Soleyman, registered as one of the most important Iranian ancient monuments in the world heritage list of UNESCO, was completely studied and analysed. Secondly, participatory researches along with capacity building through implementing empowerment of local communities plans for conservational objectives have been among the most crucial activities of the organization. Educating thru Arta workshops have been in place for instructing handcrafts, weaving, hand printing, architecture, painting, and sculpturing to children and adolescents.
Consultation and planning for preparing the project “Iranian Academy of Indigenous Knowledge and Arts (Adabestan)”  was accomplished that aimed at conserving the cultural heritages through instructing them
Conservation, protection and sustainable local utilization: in the general scope of land degradation and with the approach of benefitting from ecotourism for creating alternative jobs that are more compatible with environment and natural resources to enable revival of some handcrafts such as carpet and rug-weaving.  In this project, stakeholders and Iranian National Commission for UNESCO provided the possible aids in organizational scope as well as issuing the needed permissions and preparing the required documents for registration of this village and area as the first natural heritage site of Iran in the natural heritage list of UNESCO.