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Promoting Israeli Amateur Performing Arts(EHEVI)
  • address : Mevo Lulav 19, Yehud 5600, Israel
  • tel : 972-54-3150007
  • fax : 972-0775251344
  • e-mail : Ehevi2@gmail.com
  • homepage : www.ehevi.org.il
Founded in June 2011, EHEVI has set itself the objective of promoting, developing, and fostering all forms of amateur performing arts in Israel.
EHEVI is active in various amateur performing arts, such as dance troupes, vocal troupes, folk troupes, musical ensembles, theatre troupes, rock bands, and so forth.
EHEVI’s activities include artist workshops, troupe conventions, study days, professional camps, competitions, event production, and additional activities that contribute to the preservation and fostering of the diverse cultural traditions in Israeli society, and bring them to Israel’s artistic center stage.
EHEVI is a continuation and evolution of the Israel Association of Community Centers’ LEHAVA Project, whose objectives were identical to those of EHEVI.
The LEHAVA Project was founded and operated by the present directors of EHEVI for about twenty years as part of the Israel Association of Community Centers, a government company that operates more than 160 community centers all over Israel, until about two years ago, when its activities were transferred to the newly founded EHEVI Association.
Throughout all its activities, EHEVI maintains an ongoing dialogue and productive collaborations with government ministries, social organizations, and local authorities (including the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Israel Ministry for Senior Citizens, the Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Israel Association of Community Centers, the Israel Choreographers Association, and Tarbut leIsrael/Culture for Israel Association).
EHEVI maintains hundreds of folk, ethnic, classical, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance troupes, choirs, vocal troupes, rock bands, orchestras, chamber ensembles, and community theatres of all ages from all over Israel who are members of the Association.