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Dialogue Association For Culture and Creativity(DACC)
  • address : Ksar, 3533 Nouakchott, Mauritania
  • tel : 00222 2 5016143
  • e-mail : abdallahima@live.fr
DACC is a cultural organization acting Nationally and regionally in Mauritania, North Africa and it has a participation in several regional and international activities. About 25 persons permanently and temporarily volunteers acting in the organization, It was founded 2005 and registered officially 2007. Organizing activities about it as an important part of our history, existence and identity. These activities are targeting different sectors and ages. DACC also believes in this heritage as as an important resource to improve mutual understanding and citizenship which are among the subjects that we are interested in. Lastly DACC launches the project MemoRIM (Popular memory) which is interested in documenting and making available as much as possible this heritage and this culture. Creating awareness about the importance of this