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Cultural Heritage Studies and Promotion Association
Hong Kong Culture Heritage Studies and Promotion Association is a non profit- making organization dedicated to promote Hong Kong Cultural Heritage Studies in all aspects. Our objectives are as follows:
1.      To promote the development of local cultural heritage studies by uniting cultural heritage studies scholars and specialist and people of different backgrounds.
2.      To develop a knowledge system that consists of different archives, information and resources for facilitating all kinds of cultural heritage studies and cultural heritage studies related activities.
3.      To conduct all-round cultural heritage studies and promotion for further exploring its potentials to our society. Topics related to political, history, economical, cultural and social would be incorporated into our scope of studies.
4.      To provide studies and information to those interested in local cultural heritage.
5.      To cooperate with government to enhance the public's understanding of cultural heritage and the implementation of cultural heritage policy.

 Anyone who is interested in cultural heritage studies is welcome to join us. Besides cultural heritage studies professionals of different disciplines, our members could possibly include students, cultural workers, teachers, marketing executives or all walks of life.
Our activities are not bound to cultural heritage education or cultural heritage industry; rather, they go beyond our field and extend to any area related to cultural heritage. We believe that “cultural heritage studies are a mode of thinking and an attitude of living”. Only with such a vision, the benefits of cultural heritage studies can be carried to its farthest extent.
Our events are not limited to social gathering. Our regular functions and projects include book club, seminar, exhibition, cultural tour, survey and statistics, research and publishing. We are committed to any initiative that is in line with our objectives and helps promote the cultural heritage industry in Hong Kong. Your participation will definitely be the greatest support that we can get.