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Folklore Ensemble LINDJO
  • address : Marojice Kaboge 12, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • tel : +385 20 324 023
  • fax : +385 20 323 535
  • e-mail : lindjo.dubrovnik@du.t-com.hr
  • homepage : www.lindjo.hr/
"Moj je dragi najbolji, njega svaka cura voli, jer on plese Lindjo" translated as - My beloved is the best, every girl likes him because he dances Lindjo - is a 1994 song by a Croatian pop-rock band called Gracia.

The Folklore ensamble Lindo was founded in 1964 to promote traditional dances and songs of the Republic of Croatia. Lindo first started performing a year later, in 1965 and by today became a brand name when speaking of tourism in the city of Dubrovnik.

Lindo itself is the most popular dance of the Dubrovnik coastal region and has been danced in the same manner for over 200 years. The dance is accompanied by the lijerica - an old South Dalmatian instrument with three strings, which came from the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece in late 18th century.

The ensemble Lindo has been a part of Dubrovnik for more than 40 years - performing, touring the world and enriching the city's cultural heritage. Since 1964 when they first toured, more than 3000 performers were part of the success this ensemble has today. Dancing in priceless original national costumes since the beginning, Lindo was recognized in most of the European countries but also overseas - USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan and Australia.