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Folkland International
  • address : Elambachi P.O, Trikaripur, Kasaragod Dist. Kerala, India.
  • tel : +91 – 467 - 2210699
  • fax : +91 – 467 – 2204650
  • e-mail : folkland.international@gmail.com
  • homepage : www.folkland.org
Folkland, International Centre for folklore and Culture is an institution registered on 20.12.1989 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 vide the No 406/89.During the last 16 years it has passed through various stages of growth especially in the field of performance, production, documentation and research besides the preservation of folk-art and culture.

 Since its inception in 1989 folkland has passed through various phases of growth into a cultural organisation with a global presence. Folkland has dwelved deep into the fields of stage performance, production, documentation and research besides preservation of folk-art and culture. It has strived hard and treads the untrodden path with a clear motto of preservation and inculcation of old folk and cultural values in our society. Folkland has a veritable collection of folksongs, Folk Art forms, riddles, fables myths, etc., which are on the verge of extinction. This collection has been well recorded and archived for scholastic endeavours and posterity. As such Folkland defines itself as follows:

1. An international Centre for folklore and culture
2. As a Cultural Organization with clearly defined objectives and targets for research and promotion of folk arts.
 Folkland has branched and reached far and wide into almost every nook and corner of the world. It has strived hard and treads the untrodden path with a clear motto of preservation and inculcation of old folk and cultural values in our society. Folkland has a credit of organizing many a festival on folkarts, workshop on folklore, culture, linguistics etc. Seminars, discussions and symposia are also conducted and thus contributed in the process of re-kindling the folk lamps, which has shed streaks of light into our past treasure of knowledge.

Folkland has revitalized the old and extinct art forms like Chimmanakkali,MangalamKali,Vannankoothu,Kurathiyattam etc with the assistance of Dept of Culture,Govt of India and Sangeeth Natak Academy, New Delhi.Folkland has veritable collection in the field of folksongs, Folk Art forms,riddles,fables myths etc which are in the verge of extinction recorder and kept in the archives for scholastic endeavors and posterity.

Folkland has already conducted workshops on Theyyam Costumes, myths, literature, tribal arts, Poorakkali, Ethnomusic, folk handicrafts etc.Besides its annual festivals, Folkland has a credit of hosting 17th Indian Folklore Congress at Trivandrum 23rd to 27th December 1996.

The main activities of Folkland falls under the performance, study and research on folklore.Folkland has more than 600 Artistes in our roll comprised of Theyyam ,ThidanmpuNirtham, Poorakkali Velakali, Kolkali, Mangalamkali ,Oppana ,Daphu muttu, Kalaripayattu etc.

- Performance
Being the premier organization in the field of performance in the traditional art forms,Folkland has been invited by several organizations and Departments like Zonal Cultural Centres of Dept of Culture,Govt of India,Dept of Tourism,Sangeetha Nataka Academy,Tourism Promotion Council and various other organizations

- International Programs
Folkland artistes have been performing abroad as the empanelled artistes of ICCR ( Ministry of external affairs, Govt of India), and eminent artistes of India. Folkland artistes had participated in following International

- events
All Malaysian Malayalee Festival , Malaysia The Days of Indian Culture in Russia,Russia Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany ITB Berlin, Germany Moscow Book Fair, Russia Gannat Festival in France , France

- Research
Folkland has initiated several research projects during the last 16 years.Major among them are Survey, Documentation and Research on Kerala folklore, Art forms related to floor-al drawings, fertility cult of Kerala,Different aspects of Theyyam,poorakkali etc.

- National Seminars

- Previous National Seminars conducted by Folkland
Folkland conducts National seminars on folklore and culture every year at different parts of India. National Teyyam Seminar at IGNCA, New Delhi (2005) National Seminar at St Marian College Kuttikanm, Kottayam, Kerala (2006) National Seminar at Ooty , Tamil nadu (2007) National seminar at B.R. Hills, Karnataka(2009) National seminar at Portblair , Andaman Nicobar Islands(2011) Bubaneswar( Orissa) 2013 are the previous Seminars. Folkland had also associated with Kannur University in conducting National Seminars during 2008 and 2009 respectively.

- Exhibitions
Folkland has conducted photo, folkart and material culture exhibitions in several places.

- Conservation of Manuscripts
Folkland has conducted several workshops for conserving the palm leaf manuscripts.Folkland has surveyed palm leaf manuscripts under National Manuscripts Mission, New Delhi.Folkland has digitized 67000 palmleaf manuscripts in 2009-10 and 207000 manuscripts during 2012-13.

- Museum
Folkland has a museum of Theyyam with major Theyyam forms made in terracotta with full costumes and ornaments. It has around 100 different facials drawn on the clay pots and pulp effigies and kept in the museum. Apart from that, it has calendar of events and a directory of artistes.

- Documentation
Documentation of folk music , art forms and rare ritual arts is one of the major objectives of Folkland. It has more than7000 hours of folk songs and about 2600 hours of rare art forms in the audio and video formats. Apart from that, 8000 paper clippings and 4300 rare photographs in the archives. Considering the vast work in the field of documentation, Folkland was made a member of reputed organization, Archive Resource Community at
Delhi considering its vast documentation.

- Website
Folkland has launched a website on Kerala folklore under the domain name www.folkland.org.website was launched by Sri G.Karthikeyan, Hon.Minister for Culture, Govt of Kerala on 18th January 2003.

- Award
Folkland has been selected for the State Award for the Best Performing Centre by the Govt Of Kerala, Dept of Tourism for the year 2001-2002.

- Training to the students
Folkland is extending training to 50 students in the field of poorakkali,kolkali,velakali and Kalampattu.Out of the above students 11 are getting scholarships from CCRT,Govt Of India.Folkland conducts Nattarivu patashala every year.

- Payyanur Centre
Folkland has opened a new centre at Payyanur to promote Mohiniyattam, Kathakali, Thiruvthrakkali etc. It also houses manuscript library worth 12000 palm leaf manuscripts.

- Gothrabhooika
Folkland has a tribal centre – Gothrabhoomika at Parappa in Kasargod district to promote the tribal art and culture

- Recognitions and Affiliations
Folkland has been recognized as an eminent Institution by the Dept of Culture,Govt of India since 1999 and 17 of its artistes and one Guru/ Director have been given salary by the Dept of Culture.It has been affiliated to Dept of Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles,GOI. Besides that ,Folkland has been affiliated to the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka academy since 1995 and Nehru Yuvak Kendra since 2000.Folkland is affiliated to Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural heritage(INTACH) also.Folkland has become an Associate Member of CIOFF in the year 2000 and has become the member of ARC in the year 2000.Folkland has also been recognized by several
Universities for their research pursuits.

- Administration and academic advice
Folkland has governing body consists of a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as its head. There are five directors and a secretary to lead the team. Dr V.Jayarajan (Vice President Indian Folklore Congress and Advisor to Sangeeth Natak Academy, New Delhi, Expert Commiittee member Department of Culture, GOI and Secretary, Society for Medical anthropology)) is the chairman of the Governing body and Mr K.Suresh is the Secretary.Folkland has an advisory board consists of eminent scholars and artistes of international reputation. Sri Kavalam Narayana Panikker (Former Vice Chairman,SNA) Dr. H.K.Bhat (Mysore University), Dr Jawaharlal Handoo, (President IFC) are the present advisory board members.

- UNESCO Accreditation
UNESCO has accredited Folkland as one of the NGOs working in the field of ICH since 2010