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Cultures du Monde
  • address : 92 rue des Moulins - BP 58 - 03800 Gannat
  • tel : 33 4 70 90 12 67
  • fax : 33 4 70 90 66 36
  • e-mail : cultures-traditions@wanadoo.fr
  • homepage : www.gannat.com
Association Cultures de Monde, based in Gannat, France, has been working for 40 years in the field of safeguarding and promotion of traditional and popular cultures of the world. The organization has been working to safeguard, develop and promote traditional and popular cultures according to the UNESCO definition; promoting lively expressions of traditional and popular cultures; favouring national exchanges between French traditional and popular arts associations, and favouring international exchanges, specifically with European partners, in order to contribute to the promotion of French culture abroad and to develop cultural exchanges from one country to another in a spirit of Culture and Peace.
These objectives are reflected by its work throughout the year concerning the diffusion, transmission and research on local or international traditional cultures. The main event of their annual activity, The Festival “Cultures of the World” is a place for diffusion of traditional cultures, for promotion of Intercultural Dialogue, for promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and for promotion of a Culture of Peace and non-violence. It is now a recognized cultural event with about 450 artists from the 5 continents, 500 volunteers and 55,000 visitors.