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Forum of Algerian Citizenship & Modernity
  • address : Citizenship and the Modernity, 56 Avenue Ahmed Ghermoul- 16.208 Algiers
  • tel : 213 2166 4662
  • fax : 213 2166 4662
  • e-mail : facm_algerie@hotmail.com
  • homepage : http://www.facm-dz.com/
The Algerian Forum for Citizenship and Modernity (FACM), which has fully and firmly committed itself following its status, program and objectives and competences, to play an ambitious and exciting role particularly as an engine of cultural development, through its contribution to the promotion of cultural fundamental human rights, thanks to a participative citizenship in line with cultural governance. The forum reiterates its determination to cooperate and exchange experiences with those who share the same ambitions both at national, region and international levels, aiming to promote intercultural dialogue, encourage understanding between peoples, and thus contribute to bring together our populations. FACM is endowed with a cultural pole, a youth pole and a pole made of the local collective body which works thanks to its belonging to regional and international organisms, in particular Euro-Mediterranean organisms and to participation in conferences, festival, and seminaries by advancing to the forefront youth groups, to promote cultural exchanges and the promotion of the immaterial patrimony, in particular, through folkloric representations and artisan made exhibitions given and animated by youth.