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The Culture and Heritage Institute at Centennial College
  • address : The Culture & Heritage Institute at Centennial College P.O Box 631, Station A Toronto
  • tel : 416 438 2216
  • fax : 416 439 0191
  • e-mail : ranga930@yahoo.ca
  • homepage : www.centennialcollege.ca/chi
The Culture and Heritage Institute at Centennial College is located in Toronto, Canada. The institute is a multi-faceted education, training and cultural center located in one of the most culturally diverse, economically viable and resource rich urban areas located in North America, which will serve the tourism industry, tangible and intangible cultural heritage resource organizations and multicultural communities and affiliated organizations. It is comprised of three principle centers of excellence. Firstly, the Education and Training Centre in conjunction with the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture will offer diverse courses for degree, administration and management programs. Secondly, the Welcome and Cultural Heritage Resource Centre will serve as a community focal point and accommodate the needs of multicultural communities, new immigrants and tourists. Thirdly, the Conference Center for the Advancement of Cultural and Heritage understanding, will host a series of conferences – regional, provincial, national and international – following themes of cultural and heritage tourism.