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Centre for Traditional Culture – School Museum of Pusol
The pedagogic project of the Centre for Traditional Culture – School Museum of Pusol, inscribed by UNESCO in 2009 in the Register of Best Practices for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, was begun in 1968 in the one-teacher public school of the Pusol rural district, in Elche's Countryside (Camp d'Elx). It is an integrated environmental-educational project aimed at significant learning and values education. Cultural and natural heritage constitutes its primary teaching tool. The project promotes autonomy, responsibility and teamwork among the students in the context of safeguarding activities (field work, inventory, museography, conservation, dissemination and awareness-raising). Schoolchildren learn in direct contact with the environment and the tradition bearers, with the support of teachers and collaborators. The project has produced a remarkable ethnographic and environmental collection, the School Museum, which includes thousands of objects and oral records from the countryside and the city of Elche. Its success lies in its community-oriented, open and participatory character.