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Artesanato Solidário
  • address : Rua Pamplona, nº 1005, 2º andar- Edíficio Ruth Cardoso São Paulo, 01.405-001 Brazil
  • tel : +55 11 3082-8681
  • fax : +55 11 3082-8460
  • e-mail : jmasson@artesol.org.br
  • homepage : www.artesol.org.br
It was created in 1998 for the First Lady and Anthropologist Ruth Cardoso. It was lately instituted in 2002 as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP). In the beginning, the aim was to attend the demands of drought and famine that has been increasing every year in the northeast region of Brazil and the northern part of the State of Minas Gerais.
The ArteSol values and promotes traditional handicrafts that has cultural value and has representation of the daily lives of the artisans normally in the typologies such as ceramics, basket weaving, plait work, musical instruments, toys, wood cut, wood sculpture, weaving, embroidery and lace.
Its mission is to safeguard and disseminate the traditional handicrafts as an intangible cultural heritage and to promote the autonomy of the artisans who are the owners of this knowledge, culture, and social economic development of the communities.