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Assoc. of Municipalities Cachtice-Kopanice
  • Ms. Eva Krchova
  • e-mail : eva@krcha.com
Geographical Location and Population
The Association of municipalities Cachtice-Kopanice associates eight municipalities: Cachtice, Vadovce, Kostolna, Hrasne, Jablonka, Priepasne, Podkylava, Kosariska. These are all border cities between Czech Republic and Slovakia and share Moravian-Slovak Culture.
Association founded in 2007 gave to program the protection of Intangible cultural heritage and protection of historical monuments in the region. Association of Municipalities Cachtice-Kopanice supports the preservation of native folk traditions through folk crafts fairs, feats festivals, workshops, promotion of folklore, folk festivals, exhibitions, gardening, carnivals etc. Region is very beautiful, and we also retain some houses with original architecture to keep these houses in the future. Our aim is to safeguard Intangible Cultural heritage for coming generations and we will protect our cultural assets with the philosophy. We are also plan to expand in other cities and municipalities of the Slovak Republic.
Intangible Cultural Heritage
1.Cachtice Castle
Cachtice castle is well known for its monarch Elizabeth Bathory, who is considered as the greatest killer in the history of Slovakia. About her life story, it has been filmed a lot of movies. Our goal is that the castle built in the 13th century will attract tourists from around the world. Currently we prepare the reconstruction of the castle with a total value 233000 Euros.

2.Tomb on the Mount Bradlo
Milan rastislav Stefanik, born in the village Kosariska, was a scientist. He devoted himself to astronomy, diplomacy, worked in Paris, Russia, Ecuador, and Brazil. With the president T.G. Masaryk he was significantly involved in the formation of the first Czechoslovak Republic, combining Czech and Slovak nation. He was a great Slovak, who workshops the legacy current generation. Stefanik died a tragic death, when his airplane crashed near Bratislava as a 39 year old and is buried in the Tomb on the mount Bradlo.

3.House of leisure activities-project in Vadovce
The finished facility will implement activities to preserve Intangible Cultural heritage through preservation of folk traditions and crafts, for example; basketry, metal work, traditional gastronomy, lace making etc. Building of the community center is the second oldest building in the village, was build in 1845. The object was a Roman Catholic parish, but unfortunately the object was damaged for years. It will be re-established as a community center, the House of leisure activities.