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Mangshi City
  • Ms. Yang Li Rong
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Geographical Location and Population
Mangshi City is located between longitude 98° 01′ to 98° 43′ and latitude 24 °01 ′ to 24° 39′, Mangshi city is located in southeastern Dehong Prefecture, Western Yunnan. It is the political, economic, cultural, transportation and communication center of Dehong Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture. The city has a total area of 2987 square kilometers. Bordering on Myanmar, the border line is as long as 68.23 kilometers. It has an international airport, the only way of Sino-Myanmar intermodal corridor and the railway station connects the neighboring countries in Asia, which are the national and provincial development programs. Mangshi is famous for its superior natural conditions. The forest coverage rate reaches 63%, with an average annual temperature of 19.5℃, annual rainfall 1653mm, and annual sunshine hours for 2445 hours. Here it is not very cold in winter, and not very hot in summer. It is an ideal place for holiday, health, business, as well as entertainment.
Being a provincial garden city, Mangshi is the National Health City, the National Garden City, National Model City and National Science Demonstration Education Base.
Mangshi is one of the most developmental border cities in China. With strong ethnic style, the subtropical scenery here is wonderful. It also gains the reputation of the first class of western Yunnan volcanic hot sea border travel district. Mangshi, with beautiful natural environment, colorful historical culture and unique ethnic customs, is well known as “the home of peacocks” both at home and abroad. It is a national excellent tourism city.
Intangible Cultural Heritage
Mangshi is an excellent tourism city in China, which won the honorary title of “the 2010 CCTV Chinese Famous Brand City”, and “one of the top 200 Chinese Characteristic Charm Cities ". It is the home of Dai and Jing po delicious food. The main scenic spots in Mangshi are: the 4As level Mengbanaxi exotic garden, the tower wrapped in trees, the Menghuan golden pagoda, the peacock Lake Ecological Tourism zone, and so on. Mangshi is being transformed into a bridgehead, a center hub and an important node facing Southeast Asia of Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is being built as an “international gateway”, as well as “the regional center city of fruits and coffee ". Building " Mangshi into “City of Flowers and Fruits" , a city of taking leisure, fitness as the core, and seeking adventure as auxiliary, we are to accelerate the construction pace of scenic spots to make Mangshi a modern garden city of green ecology, national culture, and ecological environment.