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Czech Republic
czech republic
  • Ms. Eva Krchova
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  • homepage : www.vlcnov.cz
Geographical Location and Population
Vlčnov is a village and municipality located in Zlín Region of the Czech Republic. This region is in the southeastern part of Moravia, close to the border with Slovakia. The population of the village is slightly over three thousand inhabitants (3,020 as per 2005).
The first written record about the village goes back to 1264. Archaeological findings give a proof of older settlements dating back as far as the Bronze Age.
The first written record about the Church of Saint Jacob Senior dates back to 1373, however, the preserved gothic portal under the tower gives witness of an older age.
Intangible Cultural Heritage
Very strong and culturally rich region of South Moravia is Slovácko. Slovácka pearl has long called Vlčnov, village famous for the beauty of colorful costumes, winemaking, rich musical traditions, folk architecture and habits and customs, of whom the Kings ride draws almost 200 years the attention of artists, ethnographers and folklorists, as well as lay people, lovers folk art from around the world. Wide range of leads on the same route as small, from the street Fishermen still goes toward the vineyards. Here, in the past formed "Búdy, wine-growing structures, which are now preserved in the largest wine-growing set of historically protected buildings in the Czech Republic. After a preliminary agreement it is possible to arrange a visit to a local wine directly in a will, Starohorská taste wine and relax with friends in a pleasant authentic environment. Starohorská street circuit goes back down to the village, past the local source of drinking water, called "Cicúrek and 28th Street October back to KSK. The length of this route is about one hour.

One of the most representative intangible cultures is The Ride of the Kings. This is a traditional horseback procession that was once widely performed across Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. It now survives in just five or six Moravian villages and on the last weekend of May each year, the biggest and brightest parade takes place at Vlcnov, near Uherske Hradiste. The ride has its roots in the old Christian festival of Whitsuntide, but has evolved to tell the story of Hungarian King Matthias Corvin, who fled via Vlcnov, Kunovice and Hluk to his stronghold at Trencin after being defeated in battle at Bilovec in 1469 by his father-in-law(and Bohemian King) Jiri of Podebrady.