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Jul 04 2013 14:34   by ICCN / hit 2,437

[Irkutsk, Russia] Carnival Procession "Walk Together"

Irkutsk, Russia: Carnival procession “Walk together!”

Unusual carnival procession “Walk together!” was held in Irkutsk on June 1, 2013. It became one of the brightest events in Irkutsk in 2013 year.
The forth city carnival was held on the Day of Irkutsk. 108 groups of Irkutsk organizations, firms, creative associations and schools walked along the main Street of Irkutsk. There were about 7000 people including 2000 children worn in suits of fairy-tale heroes, wedding dresses, and native costumes of inhabitants from different places of the world. This year the event went on during 2 hours. Irkutsk carnival became international in November, 2010.
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