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Jun 11 2015 17:27   by ICCN / hit 2,561

[Local Event:Cancellation] Gangneung Danoje Festival

Gangneung Danoje Festival events abridged due to MERS virus situation, will only undergo designated cultural heritage rituals.

ICCN international performance teams program canceled

Due to the recent spreading of the infamous MERS virus, the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Gangneung Danoje Festival is to be canceled of all events except for few essential rituals. The city government and the Gangneung Danoje committee held an emergency board meeting after two MERS patients appeared in the province and came to their current decision of cancellation.

Thus, only the events such as Jere, Goot, and Gwanno Mask Play will be carried on, and other performances, celebrations, unit events, oper-air markets will be called off.

The ICCN Secretariat has also cancelled the tours of Israel’s Ramat-Hasharon City Music Group and India’s Folkland Puppet Group. An ICCN official announced that it will “consider rescheduling the tenth anniversary celebration of Gangneung Danoje’s designation as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and cancelled performances to the coming November with the Danoje Committee”.

He added, “The ICCN Secretariat and Danoje Committee are deeply grateful to everyone who has shown love and concerns for them, and ask for their continued support and attention.”

ICCN Secretariat