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Jan 14 2016 16:14   by ICCN / hit 2,214

[ICCN Secretariat] Meeting with ICCN Representative

On January 8th, ICCN Representative Mayor Myeong-hee, Choi and ICCN members including Mr.Soek-je, Lee, a Secretary General and Mrs. Yeon-jung, Cho, Culture and Art bureau working as government official in Gangneung City Hall, participated the meeting to discuss 2016 ICCN's vision. 

Mayor Choi Myeong-hee noted "I wish ICCN to be developed not person-centered but member's city and associate-centered."  He added ICCN Secretariat to truly focus on to all members and reorganize members who are actively and have willingness to cooperate with ICCN and actively working on their projects as ICCN members. Also as a result he wishes that all members to be vitalized their activities with ICCN and also to safeguard Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

ICCN Secretariat