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Apr 18 2016 14:11   by ICCN / hit 1,696

[France:Gannat] Les Cultures Du Monde

When, local time : Jul 22 2016 12:00 AM to Jul 31 2016 12:00 AM
Where : Gannat, France
After a 2015 edition marked by a great crowd in the square of the festival, we are pleased to report to you the dates of the Festival of World Cultures - Gannat 2016
The festival reflects a particularly successful 2015 edition, marked by a great crowd in the square of the festival and rich international trade among the 15 countries represented, once again, thank you to all festival goers, volunteers and artists!

When we see the mothballed or disappearance of many festivals, it is also appropriate to mention those who remain. So we have the pleasure to announce the dates of the 43rd festival visit note of July 22 to 31, 2016!

Rooted in the regional landscape for over 40 years, the festival was attended by over 130 countries in 42 editions, which attests to its international status. 2015 was marked by the renewed support of the Auvergne region of Allier, in the city of Gannat and his faithful private partners through a participatory campaign on the site Ulule who helped raise vital funds for the festival.

In 2016, it will maintain this momentum, while meeting new objectives: to join the image of the future grouping Auvergne region and Rhône-Alpes, continue the safeguarding and promotion of global cultural expressions, ensuring the transmission of this intercultural awareness to young people. And throughout the year, encourage and support the investment of our 500 volunteers without whom the festival would be only fiction...

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