2014 ICCN General Assembly and Women’s forum, 2nd ICCN festival in Esfahan: preparing with enthusiasm and support of the host city


2014 ICCN General Assembly is going to be held from Oct. 8 to 12, in the city of Esfahan, Iran. The Conference is composed of three sessions which will deal with the issue of safeguarding intangible culture in the context of urbanization, ICH tourism, life-style and human identity. Also, the role of women in restoration, preservation, promotion and exchange of ICH among the world generations will be discussed at the women’s forum.
The second ICCN World Intangible Cultural Festival will give the liveliness of the conference where people will enjoy and share the beauty of living heritage together with other participants.

For the successful events, the secretariat of GA and Festival of Esfahan are doing their best to hold 2014 ICCN events in the best possible form. Moreover, the mayor of Esfahan, Dr. Saghaeiannejad encouraged the citizen to partake in some of the pivotal roles in this international events and pointed that it is important to raise awareness among citizens of the 2014 ICCN events. The governor of Esfahan, Dr. Ro. Zargarpour stated that GA and International Festival is the most important cultural events of Islamic Republic of Iran and it should be held in the way that people and Islamic country of Iran deserve.

img2014 ICCN GA and Women’s Forum, 2nd ICCN Festival are internationally recognized and promoted as well. Irina Georgieva Bokova, Director-General of United Nations, Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) traveled to Esfahan, Iran. While visiting historical sites, she acknowledged that international conference and festival of Inter-City Intangible cultural cooperation network (ICCN) play a pivotal role in safeguarding the valuable heritage of humanity. During her visit, she was asked to revisit the city for the 2014 ICCN GA and, she received an official letter signed by respected Mayor of Esfahan, formally inviting her to the General Assembly.

For ICCN, 2014 General Assembly will be an important moment for further development at the organizational level. The election of new board, approval of new members, amendment of the statutes, membership fee adjustments, new projects, partnerships, among many others, will be very important items on the agenda to be discussed at this conference and the decision will be made as well.

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