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Cultural Events in Beit Sahour

Beit Sahour holds several cultural activities annually through organizing many festivals that aim to keep and maintain the local heritage and culture. Below you can find an example of such activities.

imgFakkous Festival (Snake Cucumber Festival)

FakkousFestival is a traditional festival for Beit Sahour. The city hascelebrated it for many years; it takes place annually in June. The last Festival was held on June 16, 2015during which many remarkable events took place such as traditional Dabbka dance performances, live music, traditional plays,singing traditional songs by the elderly, Fakkous tasting and local industry markets.

It is important to know that Snake Cucumber(Fakkous) grows and is planted only in Beit Sahour as Beit Sahour is famous for it, that is why Beit Sahour Municipality celebrates a special Festival to keep this legacy alive for it symbolizes for the strong relation between the people, especially the farmers and their lands.

Fakkous Festival is a trade mark for Beit Sahour;hundreds ofcitizens of all society segments participate in its events through which the city honors those farmers, productive women and local institutions who have given more to the community through their efforts and devotion to the land.

imgChristmas Tree Lightening Festival ( The Great Joy )

The great joy festival is a trade mark for Beit Sahour as the city celebrates it every December. The last celebration took place on the 17th of December, 2015 in the center of the city where the huge Christmas tree was set to bring joy to children and mark the beginning of the Christmas celebration in the city.

Thousands of citizens attend this festival to witness the Tree Lightening, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and the Minister of Local Government usually attend this celebration in addition to our international friends and supports.

The festival includes religious hymns and scouts performances. It is worth mentioning that the Christmas Tree Lightening Festival (The Great Joy)in one of the most popular events in the city.

imgCandles’ March

Keeping the role of the local organizations in Beit Sahour is of a high importance, as the local PalestinianCenter for Rapprochement between people takes the lead to organize the candles’marsh in cooperation with the Municipality of Beit Sahour. The candles march took place on the 25th of December during Christmas of 2015 and always takes place on that day of each year.

The most important goal of this event is to show the world that the Palestinians are peaceful and civilized people, as the marsh symbolizes peace, tolerance and amity. The candles held in the marsh by the participants also show the friendly character of Palestinians in addition for their peaceful message that is sent out to the world annually on this day.

The candles’ marsh is another remarkable event that Beit Sahour is known for. People from across the globe come to attend this marsh and be part of it. This marsh encourages the cultural exchange and attracts international participants especially peace activists and international institutions that work for world peace and justice.

imgBeit Sahour Marathon (Freedom Race)

This marathon is held by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Scout which is also called the Shepherds’ Scout. The Shepherds’ Scout is another local body that is always encouraged to take the lead to prepare and coordinate for such important cultural and sport events in coordination with the Municipality of Beit Sahour.

This trade mark has three different parts, marathon for schools, women and business men; as such cultural event is one of the city’s most important events that take place yearly. It attracts participants and athletes from all over the city, the governorate and sometimes internationals as well.

All social segments take part in this marathon. The most important goal of this marathon is to promote forfreedom, peace, tolerance and accepting one another through running down the path all together carrying the same peaceful message in our hearts. It signifies for athleticism, unity, patriotism and amity.

This event targets mainly the kids, school students, women and local athletes, as Beit Sahour is known for its sports clubs that have achieved important accomplishments on the local, national and international levels.