Secretariat News

Gangneung Local Events

1. The 3rd Myungju Puppet Show Festival

  • When : August 2, 2016 – August 7, 2016(6 days)
  • Where : Gangneung Government Office in Joseon Dynasty, Theater “Dan”
  • Opening Ceremony : August 2, 2016 19:00 (Local time)
  • Contents : Total of 25 performing teams from home and abroad
  • Organizer : Myungju Puppet Show Festival Committee, Gangneung Cultural Center

After successfully holding last year’s 2nd Myungju Puppet Show Festival, we would love to invite ICCN members to the festival this year. This event has already marked itself as one of the popular events in Gangneung, Korea with the coffee festival in October, Danoje Festival in June, and many other events around the year. A very attractive characteristic of the Myungju Puppet Show is that it brings both adults and children to the festival and that the event serves as a great opportunity for everyone, especially the kids, to be exposed to diverse culture by watching different puppet shows from many countries and to learn naturally about differences of color of skin, diverse culture, the way of communication with others, knowing them by overcoming other language and also just by watching the pantomime or shadow play. This will be a great opportunity to closely communicate with local citizens in Gangnueng area and to have fun by completely enjoying the festival!

Mr. Bruno Sabalat from Gannat, France will be performing at the puppet show festival and we are excited to see how he and little children will communicate through showing a puppet show. Also, a puppet troupe from Irkutsk, Russia and Folkland, India showed their interest to thankfully join in this festival. If you are interested please contact iccnsecretariat@gmail.com for more information.

2. Gangneung International Junior Art Festival

  • When : July 29, 2016 – August 01, 2016
  • Where : Gyeongpo Beach and parts of down town in Gangnenug City
  • Team/Age limit : within 20 members of each group (standard- 15 performers and 5 staff) (Age limit: over 13- under 18 from home and abroad)
  • Contents : Each country(region)’s traditional and contemporary music, dance, folklore performance, rock, hip-hop, and so on.
    - performing time: within 20-30 minutes for each team
    - each team’s performance is possible to consist of 2-5 repertories.
  • Organizer : The Federation of Artistic and Cultural Organization in Gangneung

In realizing the importance of youth’s role in safeguarding and transmitting Intangible Cultural Heritage, our great duty is to give our children an opportunity to experience and share their diverse cultures from around the world. This event is one of the active event in Gangneung that youth can participate in. This will be a great opportunity for teens to learn from seeing others while learning their own culture by showing their culture - build their worldwide network, and one importantly make unforgettable moment in Korea. Please contact iccnsecretariat@gmail.com for more information.

3. Gangneung Danoje Festival – 43rd Gannat Festival

① Gangneung Danoje Festival

  • When : June 09, 2016 – June 16, 2016
  • Where : Gangneung downtown area and Dano Cultural Center
  • Organizer : Gangnenug Danoje Committee

The Gangneung Danoje Festival takes place in the east of the Taebaek Mountain Range on the Korean peninsula. The festival praises the mountain deity and male and female tutelary deities through a shamanistic ritual on Daegwallyeong Ridge, and encompasses traditional music and Odokddegi folk songs, the Gwanno mask drama, oral narrative poetry as well as various popular pastimes. The Nanjang Market, Korea’s largest outdoor marketplace, is another element of today’s festival, where local products and handicrafts are sold and contests, games and circus performances take place.

This year, the dance group name ALENCON from Gannat, France will participate in 2016 Gangneung Danoje Festival. Also Gangneung Nongak team will participate in Korean Year in France this coming July and also at the other international festival near BESANCON area in France at the first week of August. It will be a great to exchange cultural programs between Gannat and Gangneung. We are already excited to share with all of you how the exchange program went between two cities after the summer. Please follow the ICCN for updates!

② 43rd Gannat Festival “Cultures of the World”

  • When : July 22, 2016 – July 31, 2016
  • Where : Auvergne region in Gannat, France
  • Organizer : Association Nationale Cultures et Traditions

For 10 days, nearly 400 artists will be coming from approximately 15 countries and five continents to present their culture through their cultural music, songs, crafts, food, and traditional games. Every year, nearly 60,000 visitors come and enjoy not only the quality of the programs but also the vitality of the exchanges between artists, organizers, local citizens, and audiences. Conviviality plays an important part in making this festival one of the major cultural events in the Auvergne region with an influence that stretches far and wide.

This huge event reflects all the work done throughout the year by the Association to highlight cultural diversity and to safeguard our human heritage. The festival is inspired by UNESCO’s philosophy, and the Association Nationale cultures et Traditions has been nominated as non-governmental organization official partner of UNESCO; the Association is also registered at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Life for its capacity to promote and develop cultural exchanges around the “Cultures of the World” with municipalities, associations, and all project leaders in France.