Advocacy (Policy Making)

The ICCN notes that Intangible Cultural Heritage is under threat from indiscreet globalisation and unsustainable developmental policies.
Considering that local governments are the first actors at the forefront for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, we are taking appropriate measures to develop strategies and working to explore creative and effective policies in this area.

1) General Assembly

General Assembly is the sovereign body of the ICCN. Sessions are held every two years. It determines the general policies and principle functions of the ICCN and approves annual action programmes proposed by the Executive Board. It has special discussions of certain themes, which will inspire us to new approaches in cultural policies at the local, national and international level.

2) Thematic Workshop

Every workshop has its specialized themes and is held every two years and there are extra sessions on special occasions. It is open to not only members of the ICCN but also other experts and related organizations for sharing its expertise and experiences, and also deepening understandings in related issues of Intangible Cultural Heritage.