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The organs of the ICCN are
General Assembly, Executive Board, International Advisory Committee, and Secretariat.

General Assembly
Executive Board
International Advisory Committee

General Assembly

The General Assembly, formerly called the Round Table of Mayors, serves as the highest decision-making body of the ICCN. It consists of the mayors and representatives of the member cities and meets every two years.

Executive Board

The Executive Board takes a leading-role in the ICCN’s strategy and administration. It prepares the agenda and annual action programs for the approval of the General Assembly. maximum ten(10) board members, including three(3) representatives from associate members by a majority of the ICCN members and meets annually.

Current Board Members
  1. Esfahan, Iran
  2. Gangneung, Korea
  3. Algemesi, Spain
  4. Vlcnov, Czech Republic
  5. Shiraz, Iran
  6. FACM, Algeria
  7. ANCT, France
  8. Fondazione patrimonio unesco Sicilia, Italy
  9. Beit Sahour, Palestine
  10. Cachtice-Kopanice, Slovalia


The Secretariat serves as the principal coordinator of the network and Gangneung City is taking charge and financing its own operations in such a capacity. The Secretariat may be assumed by other full members on the condition that the hosting member must finance its own operations. (The Secretary-General may attend all ICCN meetings, carry out decisions of the General Assembly and Executive Board, and manage the Secretariat.)