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Deadline for Online Registration

06/24/2016 to 11/30/2016

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Deadline for Registration Edit

06/24/2016 to 11/30/2016

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ICCN Festival & General Assembly Registration Form

We, ICCN Secretariat announce that members who are going to participate in the 6th ICCN General Assembly and 3rd ICCN Festival should submit their Registrations on ICCN website,

It is possible to revise your registration anytime and anywhere so that ICCN Secretariat and the host can take a proper action.

For example, in case of happening flight schedule change to a member, if you visit to the website and revise a part of information by your mobile phone, we frequently check the website and can control the transportation and accommodation in real time.

We look forward to affirmative cooperation.

Thank you.